The FIFA president, Gianni Infantino insisted that playing the world cup every two years will help reduce migrant from coming into Europe, each year Africans moves from their home to Europe in search of greener pastures, but the world cup is held every two years will bring dismissal to an immigrant from African to Europe.

Fifa President Gianni Infantino the head of world football was speaking to the council of council, he made this known during a debate when there are talking about the value football has added to the human society.

During his discussion Gianni Infatino the football governing body brought up the idea of changing the International quadrennial tournament into biennial tournament, something that will benefit all who participate in it.

He also made mention of few having plenty things and the vast majority have nothing ,using Europe as am example , he said that the best players play there every week and due to that is as if they play the world cup twice per week.

He went on to say that opportunities aren't giving to those outside Europe ,that same.opportunity aren't giving to them, that all they do is to pay money and watch the TV something thats not suppose to be so.

So in all Africa's need to be included in other to participate in the tournament and also give them hope and include the entire world in general so that everyone will be carried along .

And also dignity should be giving to all and not only charity.

But does playing the world cup every two years the reason Gianni Infatino made all of this statement, some football lovers and fans went on to criticise what he said on social media today.