My name is Apraku Kelvin-Darlington and my username is kelvindarlington. In short about myself, I am originally from Ghana. I love football, watching playing, talking and everything about it.

I believe you might have already encountered my Scorum blog. If you have, you would mostly find me writing about Fantasy Football. I have mostly written about Scorum Fantasy Football Draft for this World Cup, some tips for it, my performance, and many encouragements to join the Fantasy Football in Scorum. We are here around 5000 writers, but only around 150 of us actually play Fantasy Football draft in Scorum, and that is too little.

I like fantasy football, and want to get into betting too, I am still learning it. They say sports betting is illegal in the USA, and some states have legalized it. I hope Scorum betting platform will be live, and I can learn and start betting soon. For fantasy football, I have been into it for 7 long years. I have been playing Fantasy Premier League since the 2011/2012 season. I am proud of my records in fantasy premier league because this is played.

Chelsea Football Club is my team.I am a true Blue.