Marcelo Bielsa scared all Leeds United fans.

In the middle of the controversy that was created by the spy that used to have information of training of the Derby County, one of the rivals of the Second division of the English League.

Bielsa asked for an emergency meeting for today with the leadership of Leeds and the English media talk about the possible departure of the Argentine coach, who would be dissatisfied with the condemnation received by the club itself, in addition to the investigation that opened the English League of Football.

In a statement, the boss of Leeds condemned Bielsa's strategy of spying on training of the rival team: "We are going to remind you of the integrity and honesty on which the institution is based".

Leeds is first in the Championship with four points of advantage and has great chances of moving up to the Premier League. However, the Crazy could step aside in the midst of the scandal that was created in England on the subject of the spy.

In addition, Bielsa will give a press conference where he would announce the drastic decision.

"Leeds is in shock", according to the English media that report on the possible departure of the Argentine coach.

Bielsa call al the fans by saying:

"Good evening. I called this press conference because tomorrow we have the classic press conference ahead of our game against Stoke City"
"I observed all the rivals we played against and watched the training sessions of all our opponents before we played against them”

He is definitely very crazy.