Today is the Book lovers day, and to commemorate this special date, and also the start of the Premier League 2018/2019. I want to give you one Sports Book Recommendation. [ Another way of winning - Pep Guardiola by Guillen Balague

If you love football and you are following the Premier League I think this book is a must that you can miss. 

Another way to win is the first international biography of Pep Guardiola and a best-seller.

 Explains how the former coach of Barcelona got an extraordinary number of titles, how football changed at the same time as he was successful and what was his real relationship with the key players during the wonderful four years in which he was in charge of the best team in the world (perhaps history). 

But it is much more. The author, the face of Spanish football in the United Kingdom, managed to talk with Guardiola when Pep did not give interviews and chatted with the most influential people around him and with the main players of Barcelona, as well as coaches and rival players who suffered the talent Pep Team. Among them, Sir Alex Ferguson who, despite losing two Champions League finals against Barcelona, admires Guardiola.

 But for Pep, the triumph was accompanied by a certain personal drama: each match was one less in the elite, he never felt good enough in his work, his disputes with Mourinho hurt him and he suffered greatly from making decisions. That's why it's also another way to win.

This is my first sports book recommendation for the Scorum Community. I hope you like it, and let me know in the comments if you already rode it, or you are planning to do so. 

Happy #BookLoversDay!