Despite those who say that the forward could be in Spain because of the interest that the Blaugrana team has in their services, it was confirmed that they are already in the USA.

Although it has been mentioned that Carlos Vela is in Spain, where he could have met with leaders of Barcelona, the forward is already in Los Angeles, ready to report to the MLS team. So far, as detailed by a source close to the player, there is nothing closed between the striker and the Blaugrana set; What's more, the Angels are already waiting to start the season in March.

The negotiation is off the table of the MLS : Vela either goes out in a definitive sale or he will stay in the institution, because there is the refusal to let him go in a loan. According to the newspaper AS, the sports director of Los Angeles FC, John Thorrington, is aware that the interest of Barcelona may cause an illusion in the attacker from Quintana Roo, but in the Angel's FC whole he is the franchise player, idol of the club, better paid and they refuse to let it go without any profit. The only option for Vela to go on loan is for the Barca to take charge of the total salary of the Mexican soccer player, who receives a little more than six million dollars per season, a figure that could halt the transfer.

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