We love sports here, right ? I used to share old school games lately so today i will share something pretty new. It even used to be free on PSPlus (kind of subscription system where you get free games monthly and the possibility to play games online)..

Its called.. Rocket League!

After a free month on Playstation store the game.. Skyrocketed in popularity and became bestseller later.

Source: Playstation Store

So what is it about? Its about playing football/soccer while driving race cars!

Simple and brilliant as that.

Rocket League gives players crazy boosted cars that can be crushed and used as "legs" for playing the soccer. The physics in the game are really well coded so cars are really moving and flying the way it could really work. The game is fast, fun and has nice graphics.

After the success currently, you can buy DLCs and extra packs for the initial game. This shows that sometimes giving out something free may give you way more money than you would expect.

If you never played it, try its really addicting and fun!