Like falcon, I drills the earth,

Jugging around, up high above clouds.

My shorts are flippers,

Along my flexible muscles,

Like falcon,I drill the earth,

Where My feet bury it's heads,

Beneath the short green grasses.

My soul press upon it with might.

Like falcon, I calls the wind,

It's obeys my kicks,

When my storm hits the sky,

Like speed of mutiny dragon.

My veins begin to bear my name.

All hails, comes to me,

Like crown's falls from heaven.

I'm not moved.

Like falcon, I drill the earth,

All I know is victory,

Since I was birthed,

men calls me proudless god.

Days after days,

I make hays using my weapons.

Round in shape,

Bounce with strength,

White in robes,

Brave in battle fields.

It makes me proud,

When it obey my soul.

Because I'm a footballer

A legend of all time.

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