In this match, it was the duty of the Real team to score three points. After a goalless draw with Getafe, Zinedine Zidane's charges finally wanted to win the full pot. Lack of injured Karim Benzema should not prevent the high win, because the rival was the last team in the table.


Rayo Vallecano: Garcia- Moreno, Galvez, Ba, Tito- Mario Suarez (77' Medran), Uche, Bebe (79' Garcia), Pozo (85' Trejo), Embarba- Guerra

Real Madrid: Courtois- Marcelo, Vallejo, Varane, Carvajal- Modrić (74' Isco), Llorente, Kroos, Ceballos (61' Brahim)- Bale, Diaz (82' Vazquez)

From the first minutes the game was very balanced and it was Rayo who had the first good opportunity to score a goal in the 10th minute. Pozo hit hard from behind the penalty box, but Courtois showed fantastic reflexes and did not allow to lose the goal. Luke Modric entered this meeting badly. The Croatian had a lot of inaccurate moves and often lost his ball in the middle of the field. Thanks to his mistakes, the hosts could quickly move with the ball to the penalty area of Real.

When the helpers of Real managed to somehow deliver the ball to Bale, the Welshman missed the power. Real players had no idea how to get through Rayo's defense. The hosts used high pressure, which effectively prevented Kroos and the company from playing the ball. In about 20 minutes in the penalty area of the guests fell Guerra, but the referee did not stop the game. A dozen or so seconds later he decided to use the VAR and eventually dictated a penalty kick. Embarba approached the ball set on the eleventh meter and with a certain shot defeated the goalkeeper. We all know that Real is playing this season catastrophically, but the fact that they will lose to the last team of LaLiga did not expect.

Frustration among Zidane's charges was growing. Attacks on the referee, numerous fouls and individual mistakes. This is what the Real looked like after losing the goal, until the end of the first half. The hosts, on the other hand, were consistent on the defensive and calmly waited for their opportunities. After the break I didn't expect a significant improvement in Real's game.

As I thought, Zidane did not invent anything unusual for 15 minutes and his players in the second part of the match played equally poorly. Bale tried to pass individual passages, but usually bounced off the defenders or his arrows were caught by Garcia. There was a lot of fighting in the middle of the field, but we didn't watch any interesting actions. The pace of the game clearly decreased and it looked much weaker than in the first part of the match. Interestingly, Rayo's players were up to 70 minutes away from their rivals by five kilometres. This statistic confirmed me only in the belief that Real's players want to reverse the fate of this duel at all costs;)

Isco and Vazquez were introduced to the pitch and could not change the image of the game. Rayo won well-deservedly and thanks to that he moved up one position. Zidane has a huge problem with cleaning up the locker room and in the summer he will certainly have to make a few transfers to get some fresh blood into the team. It is known that Real players lack motivation because they are sure of the third place and do not have anything to play for this season. However, it is not appropriate for such a big club to ridicule the team from the inheritance zone.