Prior to this meeting, the case for promotion to the quarter-final was still open. In the first match Roma defeated Porto 2:1. Two goals for the hosts was scored by Zaniolo, who today wanted to confirm his high disposition. The gate captured at the exit, gave the Portuguese people hope to reverse the fate of this two match. In both teams today we had a mixture of experience with youth and I was hoping that the rematch meeting would be as interesting as the first start of these teams.


FC Porto: Casillas- Telles, Pepe, Felipe, Militao (103' Pereira)- Otavio (93' Hernani), Herrera, Pereira, Corona (69' Brahimi)- Soares (78' Andrade), Marega

AS Roma: Olsen- Marcano (76' Cristante), Manolas, Jesus, Kolarov, Karsdorp (55' Florenzi)- De Rossi (49' Pellegrini), Nzonzi, Perotti, Zaniolo- Dżeko

From the very beginning you could see who had to make up for the losses. The hosts played pressing in order to get the ball back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there were more fouls on both sides than spectacular plays. For the offenses yellow cards were given to Nicolo Zaniolo and Hector Herrera. Porto players were not able to threaten the opponent's goal by exchanging several exact passes. They decided on individual actions and shots from a distance, which did not bring the expected results. That was up to the 26th minute. It was then that Manolas lost the ball in his own half, and after a while the soccer ball was already in the net. Moussa Mareg directed the exact pass to Soares, who from close quarters packed the ball into an empty goal. Now it was the Roma who had to chase the result.

It has to be said that it turned out quite well for them. In the 36th minute, in the Porto penalty box, Perotti was mad, which Militao could not cope with and the defender of the hosts fouled the Argentinean. In this situation, the judge had to dictate a penalty. Daniele De Rossi approached the eleventh metre ball and easily defeated the extremely experienced Casillas. From the moment they scored the goal, the Romans retreated to the defensive and waited for what their rivals would do. Just before the break, all Roma fans died. The captain of the team got injured and he was no longer able to continue the game. In his place Lorenzo Pellegrini appeared on the turf. The first half was really interesting and I couldn't wait for the second 45 minutes. "Dragons" needed only one goal in order to achieve overtime.

The hosts were aware of the fact that time acted to their disadvantage, so they went to mass attacks. You didn't have to wait long for the effects. In the 52nd minute Corona crossed the ball into the Roma's penalty area. The defenders were completely lost in hiding, what Mareg benefited from and with a certain shot under the crossbar, he defeated Olsen. The stadium went crazy and the Porto players started with every action. Time passed and nobody wanted to take a risk. Half an hour before the end of regular game time, the intensity of the match dropped significantly, and in the game both teams lacked liquidity. Around 80 minutes, the hosts woke up and did not allow Roma players to leave their own penal field. Unfortunately, the fans gathered at the stadium did not see another goal. Everything was to be resolved by extra time.

During the additional 30 minutes nothing interesting happened, until 114 minutes. It was then that Fernando fell in the penal field of Roma and an arbiter, after using VAR, indicated a penalty. Alex Telles converted the penalty into a goal and Porto players were only a few minutes away from the promotion to the quarter-final. The shocked guests didn't manage to respond anymore and with the final whistle of the referee, the celebration started in Porto. The hosts were able to make up for the losses from the first meeting and were deservedly promoted to the next round.