Sergio el Kun Agüero is a historic figure for Manchester City, since his retirement the former Premier League star has focused more on his eSports team KRU than anything else. Since the pandemic began, the Argentine star started to gain even more fame for his live links with famed twitch caster Ibai Llanos.

Aguero in the AFA talking with Tapia / TyC Sports

In an interview with "El Kuni" Agüero mentions that he misses soccer very much, however, he is very afraid to play again. Therefore, he rules out returning to the fields as an active player. That said, Agüero mentions that he has received multiple offers to go to the World Cup in Qatar, some as a commentator or analyst. But none of these offers convinced Sergio.

The only offer that convinced him was the one from his friend Messi, who invited him to be part of the team in a motivational role, to be part of the squad, and to lift the trophy that Messi is missing and that the Argentines are longing for.

After his meeting with Chiqui Tapia, Kun announced that he will be in Qatar with the National Team.

"I'm going to the World Cup. Today we had a nice talk with Chiqui (Tapia). We are seeing in what role, but I'm going.".