Team photo with the trophy

First of all, I've to make an apology for all of the SCORUM users for not updating the news about 12th LA Cup. In my last post about 12th LA Cup, I mentioned that we Pulchowk Campus lost the match against Kathmandu University in quarter-final round by 2-0 and was out from the competition. But due to having a player on the squad, who already graduated his bachelor's degree from the Kathmandu University the organizer disqualified the Kathmandu University team and sent Pulchowk Campus to the semi-final stage of the competition. I've already told in my last post that this competition is for the undergraduate level student who is currently doing their bachelor's studies. My juniors didn't inform me about the semi-final match against Silvermountain college but Luckily they won the game in a penalty shoot-out, thanks to our Keeper Dilip Neupane who saved 2 penalties and helped Pulchowk Campus to reach in final of the competition with his heroic man of the match performance.

After the end of match audience and player pic

I would have written this blog yesterday but I waited for getting the winning celebration photos from my friend. Yesterday, Pulchowk Campus faced Xavier International College in the final of 12th LA Cup. Everyone expected Xavier International will win the match very easily because they've been the best team in the tournament. They've very good players in all aspects of the pitch. They were physically stronger, more calmed and wingers on both flank with very good sprint and skills. Their CB wearing jersey number 5 was like the tallest person present in the field. While our boys were very excited and ready to give everything on the pitch. The 2 players of our team Abhishek Aryal and Gaurav Basola who missed the match against Kathmandu University both were on starting line up. I forgot to tell you all in my last post is that the competition is played as 9A side match.

Singing the national anthem

The first half started in a very attacking way, both teams started to press the high. In first 10 minutes, Xavier International missed the two wonderful chances. The first half started in a very attacking way, both teams started to press the high. In first 10 minutes, Xavier International missed the two wonderful chances. Their Jersey number 11 hits on the crossbar. In the 15th minute of the match, Pulchowk Campus took the lead with a goal from Hansal Shrestha. Gaurav Bastola placed the beautiful through ball in Hansal's path who one on one with Xavier's goalkeeper flicked the ball over goalkeeper's head which entered into the goal taking a couple of bounces. After conceding the goal, Xavier International didn't stay silent and keep pushed forward searching for an equalizing goal. Within the 10 minutes, they found the equalizing goal from their captain who wore the Jersey number 10. He made his forward run from nearly center of the ground and beat two midfielders of Pulchowk Campus and played one to one pass with jersey number 14 who brilliant return the pass to their captain, and he didn't make any mistake on one on one with Dilip and placed the shot on bottom right corner of the Pulchowk's goalpost. Then in a remaining period of the first half, both team couldn't score any goals and first half ended 1-1.

Amar Ready to take free Kick

The second half started from where the first half was ended, both teams keep pushing the ball from their wing position. The Pulchowk Campus left wingback Gaurav Thapa continuously crossed the ball from the left flank but our strike couldn't convert any of his crosses into the goal. The Xavier's two wingers Jersey number 14 and Jersey number 11 outpaced the Pulchowk's defense number of times but couldn't score the goal for them. My Junior Swastik Adhikari missed the golden opportunity to score with heading in one on one with Xavier's keeper. The second half couldn't produce the goal and the game went into a penalty shootout. Our boys were very confident in the penalty shootout because they already won 2 games of the tournament in the penalty shootout.

Dilip with the first penalty save

In the penalty shootout, we won the match by 3-1. Only 1 player (Jersey number 8) score the goal in the shootout for Xavier, our keeper Dilip again saved two penalties in the shootout(of Jersey number 10 and Jersey number 7), while Jersey number 8's shot was returned after hitting on the sidebar. For Pulchowk, Swastik Adhikari, Abhisekh Aryal aka Sheke and Gaurav Thapa scored the penalty while Captain Bishal Karki missed to keeping his shot on target. Congratulation to my junior Dilip for selected as the best keeper of the tournament and Congrats to team Pulchowk for Winning the 12 LA CUP football. The best player, best midfielder and the highest goal scorer all award was won by Xavier Internation college players. The winning team was awarded $300 USD while the second team got $200USD.

Celebration time
Celebrating with throwing our man of the match up in the air
Dilip receiving best keeper award

I'll add the penalty video captured by me either on this post or later post keep stick with my post.