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Messi 2 goals and 2 assists in a 5-1 victory. Melo, 73-minute passes were made 71 times, and the success rate of passing was 98.6% (the highest. Vidal, replacing Melo with 2 tackles & 3 fouls

FC Barcelona midfielder Artur Melo and veteran midfielder Arturo Vidal, who replaced FC Barcelona, contributed to the 5-1 victory by supporting ace Lionel Messi with different charm.

Barca won a 5-1 victory in the second round of the UEFA Champions League in the 2018/19 season against Olympique Lyon in Camp Nou. In addition, Barca successfully advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League for 12 consecutive seasons starting from the 2006/07 season, recording one win and one tie in the first and second matches.

The hero of the game was none other than ace Messi. With two goals and two assists, he showed off his power of direct involvement in all four of Barca's five goals. This is the first time that Messi has scored more than four offense points (gol+ help) in the Champions League since his second round of the Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen on March 7, 2012.

However, Messi did not win by himself alone. There were also helpers. Front-line striker Luis Suarez assisted the winning goal around 31 minutes after scoring a penalty kick that tied the first goal around 16 minutes. It was Philippe Coutinho who scored after receiving Suarez's pass.

In fact, among the Barca players, the poor player had an almost overwhelming advantage. Nevertheless, there is a player who played a role of public trust behind Messi's help. It is Arthur, a Brazilian midfielder who is raising his heart and heart as the successor of the legendary playmaker Xavi.

Artur helped Messi with a back pass supply. In reality, the movement of messi itself changes when Artur is present or not. When he is away, Messi often comes down to the waist line and serves as a pass supplier. However, when Artur plays, Messi often stays in front of the team and moves forward after receiving Artur's pass.

The same was true of the game. Artur had the largest number of passes among Barca players, even though he managed 73 minutes. Only one of these failed. The success rate of the pass was also 98.6 percent, the highest among the starting pitchers at Barca.

The most representative scene was held around the second half. Artur took the forward pass of Suarez in a momentary turning motion, and carried out a solo thrust. In the process, when the opposing defender chased him from behind to engage in a physical fight, he fell down and gave Messi a pass with concentration. Although Messi's sensible roving shot, who passed the goalkeeper's key, was blocked right in front of the goal line on the sliding tackle of opponent defender Marcal, who belatedly came in the cover, was virtually a close-to-goal moment.However, after Barca allowed Lyon defensive midfielder Lucas Tousart to score a goal in the 13th minute in the second half of Artur's performance, Coach Ernesto valverde added Dembelé to the 24th minute in the second half, and replaced Arthur with a famous midfielder instead of Arthur in the 29th minute.

This was the main even with one more goal, Lyon was able to advance to the quarterfinals based on the principle of visiting goal priority (a 0-0 draw in the first round at Lyon's home) with a 2-2 draw). As the players were aware of this, they shot three times between 18 minutes and 28 minutes in the second half, threatening Barca's goal.

But after the Vidal injection Lyon's attack was silenced by his tough defense. He made two tackles in a short 17-minute run. More than that, the players were center defender clement lenglet, center midfielder Ivan rakitic and defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets who all shared three hits. First of all, Paul was the most prolific in three innings. It was Vidal, a gift of personality that was not seen for existing Barca players. When he added a sense of security in defense through dirty work, Barca's counterattack naturally began to shine.

At 32 minutes into the second half, Messi beat two Lyon defenders with two folding moves followed by a solo breakthrough, and then hit the opponent's right foot shooting (Messi's left foot was known to be the left foot, so when Messi took a motion to kick the left foot, the two Lyon defenders made a challenge simultaneously), he scored a goal to win the game.

At around 35 minutes in the second half, when Messi received a long pass from the rear, he led three defenders through a solo breakthrough and gave up the pass, adding to the goal with a sliding shot by Barca's key defender gerard Pique, who suddenly joined the offensive on the other side.

Finally, with four minutes left before the end of the game, Messi will make a solo comeback in the backfire. Dembele scored a goal with a non-stop right foot shot to end the 5-1 victory.

As such, Barca won a 5-1 victory by effectively targeting Lyon with two central midfielders with different charms: Artur and Vidal. If Artur starts out as a starter and hits the opponent through the right ball distribution, he will come out at the right time to lock up the rival team, adding to a sense of defense stability and helping to counterattack soccer. This can also lead to relative customized tactics. They're certainly not the main characters like Messi, but they're necessary everywhere that makes the main characters shine even more behind them.