Ronaldo clocked 36 years of age two days ago and yet his impact on the Juventus team continues to grow. The winger comes striker has always tried his best to always be at 100% match fit/ready and has proof his output seems to be increasing at a slowly declining rate (meaning that he is producing optimally for his age but his overall output, when compared to previous years, is decreasing).

His goal against Roma further underlined the cogent reason why Ronaldo could continue playing at top flight for the next four years till he ages forty (40). His physic still seems to be perfect although he runs a little bit lesser than he does in his Twenties. That does not change the fact that he managed to stay off any serious injuries in recent seasons.

While lesser running is been observed, more team play has been a significant change in his game as he strives to deliver 100%. his birthday Instagram posts were lovely has he reminded us of dedicating 20 years to football and that he is sorry that he can't promise an additional 20 years but he will always provide 100% while In the pitch.

His 20 goals scored this season is a testament to how hungry he still is after winning so many trophies in his glamorous career. Even as old as he is, he still wants to play every match and being involved in every game. The recent bust-up between him and Juventus coach Pirlo concerning him being subbed off despite scoring two goals is still fresh in our memories.

He can play as long has wants if he continues to take care of his body the way he has always done. For now, Enjoy age 36 and continue being the best. 23 goals in 24 games are not what is expected of 36 years old but continue delivering performance above expectations