Seeing top teams facing financial issues is not something that happens daily, but it's what is attainable today around most clubs around Europe. The once might teams are either suffering from debt or actually running out of cash to keep the club functioning well. While most can not even afford the funds needed to run the clubs daily, that has been an issue in today's transfer market.

Most top European clubs are facing this crisis due to the covid and despite cutting corners to allow their footballers to play football, most have been unable to keep up with their finances. With restrictions and the stadium being closed as part of the precautionary measures against the spread of the virus, the Clubs expenses continue to outweigh their expenses.

Due to this issue of costs outweighing expenses and clubs losing lots of cash, the Clubs proposed a new league called the European super league. The main aim of this new tournament was to help drive more money for the football clubs and also to replace the Champions League which is becoming predictable and filled with weak teams.

The proposal of the league is a great step and way for the Clubs to generate more funds as they will be the major drivers of the league excluding the FIFA and UEFA bodies. The league will have more games to be played and also tougher opponents as against the normal Big teams against the smaller teams. Fans will of course want to see matches like that and that's a bigger payout to clubs to sort out expenses draining their company.

The Big teams in Spain rooted for this European super league more as they are the teams that have suffered the most from this corona outbreak. The two big teams in the country have made more losses than any other European clubs since the corona outbreak. While the rebuilding of the Santiago Bernabeu has drain Real Madrid of their funds, Messi reported salary at Barcelona has left the club in big debt.

Other clubs to have suffered is Juventus as the huge salary being paid to stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo is starting to become an issue and the club is looking to cut cost by offloading the forward. Recouping Ronaldo salary might not have been a salary under normal circumstance but covid has made things hard on this clubs.

Juventus are not alone on this trend as the 2020/2021 series A champions Inter Milan has had to see their Title winning Coach depart due to lack of fund for transfer being made available. Conte had to leave the champions of Italy as they could not provide more funds to sign better players and challenge for the title and other cups next season and the club president blamed it on Covid.

While the Covid issues have affected most European clubs, some clubs financial status still remains healthy and those clubs are mostly the English teams. The teams may not be making a huge profit as usual but their debt is not raising u like most clubs around. Teams such as Chelsea and Liverpool have managed to keep a clean financial slate while the two Machester clubs still have lots of cash to throw around.

One thing that has worked in favour of the English teams has been the huge funds' premier league as had to share from TV rights. The English Football league remains the most competitive and most-watched league in the world and the tv rights have fetched huge sums of money for the teams in the league.

Teams such as Bayern and Dortmund have not been affected financially also and that was one of the reasons why the german teams kicked against the establishment of the European super league in the first place. Both teams have not been really known to be big spenders but they have always managed to get the best talents in their ranks.

PSG remains a team with no financial issues as they could actually buy a new starting 11 for their teams. Those are the privileges that come with being financially backed by the oil money from the Arabs. They are already in the market for big stars to sign and the former Ac Milan goalie in the person of Donnarama remains top of their list.

The transfer market has been relatively quiet this season has not enough clubs to have funds to splash around. Many football teams will have to rely on the selling of their players to generate funds in order to buy their target. Teams like Barcelona have found a way around it and has resulted in the signing of players who are free agents, so far t has worked for them as they have signed two great players already.

Most clubs are yet to sign a player and that could be blamed on the upcoming Euro 2020 as most players are way for international duty at this time. Just maybe clubs are waiting to see the performance of the players in the Euro tournament before opening their wallet to spend their fund on players, only time will tell.

what's your opinion regarding the issue above?