A lot happened this past week and surely just a post can do not summarize them but that will not stop me from trying to document key noteworthy moments that need to be talked about. The following paragraphs that come after this summarized the long week events to a more enjoyable and time-saving piece to everyone’s comfort.

When Ronaldo missed the first chance presented to him in his first game as a Manchester United player since been bought from Juventus, many people were quick to write him off. In fact, his next contributions in the match counted for little as he didn’t impact the match as many would have expected. And when everyone has started to give up on Ronaldo finding a goal in the match, he shows great readings of the game by sprinting to position himself well to easily tap in into an empty net after the Newcastle goalie has made a mess of Greenwood shot.

The goal proved to be the last action of the first half and when the second half resumed, Ronaldo was on fire as he saw more of the ball and got his second goal in the process. The message the win and goals scored was loud as he proved that he is truly not on vacation at the theatre of dreams. Ronaldo showed that he is still sharp and his eyes for goals hasn’t aged a bit as he converted his two shots on target into two goals.

Before Manchester United and Ronaldo even kicked the ball on Saturday afternoon, much of the early hours as seen Messi trending on all fronts as became the highest goal scorer in a qualifier match on his continent, surpassing the record set by Pele in the process. Messi hat trick was the first he has scored for over a year and 8 months and it’s a long time for a player of his calibre and that’s a big boost for his new employer that they are going to get a hungry player who still longs for a lot.

The third event came just this Saturday as Liverpool dismantled Leeds United by winning three goals to nil. Salah became the fifth-fastest player to score a hundred goals in the premier league and the second African player to attain 100 goals in the premier league after Chelsea Drogba. While the game was supposed to be centred on Salah magnificent feat attained in the premier league, it was overshadowed by the incident that happened to Elliot in the second half of the game. The emerging midfielder had a career scaring injury as his foot shifted and face aside it wasn’t supposed to face. He is fine now, and everyone wishes him a safe recovery.

While Ronaldo enjoyed success in his debut in the team, he left still has no answer on how to fill the void he left at the team as they lost to Napoli 2-1 and Juventus remains without a win in their third Serie A outing of this campaign. The event that led to the old lady selling the target man has been on the claims that he keeps pulling the team back and he is a problem at the club but now that he is gone, it has become clear that Ronaldo goals have helped the team on numerous occasions and now the old lady truly have a problem.

The last event was the change of heart FIFA had against players from South America who has represented their countries in qualifiers a few days ago. They have been lots of issues arising between FIFA and countries from the American continent due to the high rate of Covid cases still in that region and FIFA is trying to cut the virus from spreading. Before this week, many players who participated in the qualifiers has been warned that won’t be able to feature for their respective club teams, but that decision was overturned at the last hour. That made teams such as Man city happy as they could call on the services of their players such as Ederson and Jesus while Liverpool had Fabinho, and Allison in the starting line-up.

Bonus news was PSG winning their straight fifth match in their league as ex-Manchester united man Ander Herrera got the goods by scoring two goals and Mbappe came off the bench to make it three for his team and in the process scoring in his fourth goal on the run this season. Also, Jude of Dortmund had his first taste of beer as an opposition fan threw beer at him as Dortmund celebrated by the coroner side after their goal. So that’s round up the events that happened all around the world in the last seven days. Would love to hear your opinion on which news you feel should have been added to the que