The fantasy premier league has become one of the best fantasy games in the world and its number of users keeps on skyrocketing. The game has been around for several years now and it doesn't look like fading anytime soon.

The fact that the game is been designed to rank the performance of the premier league players only makes it tasty and one To be part of. Premier League has been the best league in the world for a large number of years now, so that has helped with the promotion and integration of the fantasy game among many football fans.

Weekly, monthly and yearly prizes usually given out to winners of respective periods even makes the game more captivating yet the game is free to all. Then it begs the question of where the FPL gets their funding from. I know that most people believe they are been bankrolled by the English premier league but that assertion is false.

The key lead sponsors of the fantasy premier league are shown in the image below

Without the support of these organizations, actualizing the payment of gift prizes may not be achievable. Over the years, season after season, the fantasy premier league continue to add to the prizes to be dished out and this season prizes are shown below

First prizes and second prizes

Third place prizes and cup winners prizes

Monthly winners Prizes

The partnership between the fantasy premier league developers and their sponsors remains one key generation of revenue for the platform but that's not all. Although the fantasy premier league is a free game to enter by all, lots of funds are still been generated through the download of their applications and also traffic generated on the FPL websites.

The fantasy premier league website/ application is designed in a top-notch way to provide in-depth knowledge/news about the premier league teams and players. That makes it even one valuable platform beyond the games, as firsthand information can be gotten about team news, injuries updates can be gotten.

The two strategies confirmed by me on how FPL gets fundings and revenue are through sponsorship and traffic generated on their platforms. As of the time of writing, this is the only source I know of and more may be available but not to my knowledge. Feel free to add the other sources you are aware of, let's deliberate on it.

All images were screenshotted from the FPL Mobile Application