A lot of people might be wondering if I live and die for just the beautiful game of football and the answer to that is yes. My love for football is second to none in regard to sport. Just because I have football as my favorite sport, I ensure that I keep up with all activities regarding the game and even the news that doesn’t concern me, I still long to know them in as much as it is a football affair.

When younger, I love wrestling and I got older, I ditched wrestling for football as it’s a game I could easily relate it. I started supporting Chelsea from the time of Mourinho's first time in charge of the club and I must confess that I have never for once felt like leaving the club for another. For me and Chelsea, it’s a do-or-die affair and my soul and heart is forever tied to the club.

Despite my loyalty to Chelsea football club, it has not stopped me from saying the truth when doing my assessment of the club and I also try to be as honest and sincere during this assessment. Also, being a Chelsea fan hasn’t stopped me from admiring some top players and also giving them credit whenever they did something spectacular.

So aside from supporting watching and supporting a team, I do my best to engage to play football too and read a lot and yeah, I write a lot of my footballing thoughts on this platform. So the other sports I fancy are not much but they are really interesting and physical. In no order, they are Rugby, kickboxing, boxing, and running.

I am not much of a runner myself, but I have been having my fair share of this exercise for the past fifty days now as I took it upon myself to always jog and run in the early hours of the day while the rest of the day is for walking. This has been my relationship with this sport and although I do watch some racing activities, but it is mostly during the Olympics and most of my favorite sprinters are already retired from the sport.

I love boxing and kickboxing and although I hardly fight, I love the intensity and realness of the sports. The game involves using all the available strength in which the fighters have got to achieve victory and in one way, it kind of sync in my way of life. My country is tough and it's not easy to face each day with a feeble mindset as this could only lead to failure in one set objective.

Of course, rugby is a little bit like football, and it involves some physicality too. I don’t even know how to play the game but when I sit in front of a TV to watch the game, I am always intrigued by the sport. It is hard to stand up from a game of rugby. And yeah, I once engaged in the sport years ago during my university days but I didn’t grasp the concept of the game but that never deterred me from watching.

In closing, I feel that the reason why I don’t connect with some sports is that the concept is hard to grasp and they are not quite popular in my region, but in all, I feel all sports are great. Let me get to know the sports you fancy in the comment box of this post and if they are many, you could also spell them out.