This year Olympics hosted in Tokyo, Japan might probably be the most ignored in the history of the tournament and for me, I feel it is because of the troubles my dear countries have encountered. Starting from the qualification for the tournament to been involved in the games, Nigeria has suffered and that is probably the major reason why plenty of Nigerians didn’t follow the tournament as they always do.

Nigeria qualified for few sports in the tournament and the Nigeria Olympic football team could not even qualify and that is a turn for some. Although the Nigerian basketball team (men and women) impressed and qualified for the tournament, both teams have been evicted have they failed to win any of their matches in the tournament. Having impressed during the warm-up games leading to the Olympics, many expected more from them, but they did not live up to expectations.

Some of the athletes who were even supposed to be representing the country at the Olympics have gotten themselves disqualified and even suspended as they failed the doping test. It is quite strange for Nigerian’s athletes to be using substances to aid their sporting performance, but it is what it is. Some has protested as they felt unfairly judged but it does not change the fact that it’s been a disastrous campaign for Nigeria in the 2021 Tokyo commonwealth games.

Nigeria is yet to win silverware in the tournament, but they could end up with 2 gold or 2 silvers or gold and silver as two of their athletes are already in the finals of a tournament. It is still a mile short of the performances expected from Nigeria in a tournament such as this. Nigeria should already have won 6 six medals by now but it is not so and I blame the athletes and the sports governing body of Nigeria.

While all might not be well with my country in the Olympics, would love to hear about how your country is faring in the Olympics tournament. Lay it all down in the comment section of this post. I Will be looking forward to reading all in the comment section, have a nice day.