The issue of some teams having a financial edge over other are true to a large extent and pep has justified his spending saying that all teams in the world spend. A lot has been said about pep spending at manchester city and many said that without the backings of the oil-rich only, pep might have failed to win any title. While the statement has been true its remains untested and unverified.

Despite spending 100 million pounds on their new signing Grealish, the Spurs team still managed to get past the men in blue despite their star man (Kane) sitting this out as he pushes a move away from the team to search for titles. Pep agrees to the fact that man blue needs a striker as Jesus has been out of sorts for some time and he will spend more as his team owner could afford to spare some extra cash for transfer.

The question of Pep being good a coach is irrelevant in this scenario as I agree with him saying that spending brought about success and other teams are just being jealous. No teams suddenly raise to the top without having to spend a lot to gain a competitive edge over other teams and that has been a notion for years. The only problem is that Manchester city has more now and that’s an issue most teams and fans can not withstand.

Looking back at the time that I started watching football, I had known that when abrahimovic bought Chelsea, he spent a lot of money to change the team around and although he might spend lesser in today's market, it does not change the fact that he had spent a lot in the past to turn things around in the favour of the club he bought. Starting with the purchasing of top star players to experience and best in the game technical crew.

I remember real Madrid buying lots of players which cost a huge amount of money as of then just to stay on top of the pack and no one was complaining then. When it gets to Manchester city and pep turn, people are suddenly opined that they overspend and they bought success. Well, the team with the highest purchasing power should win all available as they have spent more and they are willing to improve the game, unlike others who are focused on profit-making.

Gone are the days when teams grooms players, this day, clubs just buy already made players and the players do their part in helping the club achieve their goals. Take example a club like Bayern who has succeeded in conquering the whole of Germany and their strategy is using their purchasing power and money to cripple all other teams by buying the division best players from other teams every year.

So I care less if Pep spends more than every other team, the truth remains that he is good for it considering the titles he has won over the years. Some teams have spent more than half of the amount pep has spent and yet, the result isn’t as telling as the one that Pep has achieved. The bottom line remains that the best team in the world at the moment are the team that has the funds to spare without majorly focusing on the profit-making side in the short run.