Ever heard of a saint playing the dirty game of Football. well, Kaka is the name that comes to mind. Kaka was one of the best players of his generation, and he played the game without trying to cut corners or cheat. His behavior alone won him the heart of many. He is just a player you can't just hate.

As a Brazilian, he started his football career at Paulo in Brazil during his formative years. His performance at Sao Paolo won him a contract with the then Giants of Italy, Ac Milan. It was while he was at this club he made his name. Playing at an attacking midfield role, his dribbles pass, and eye for goals won the heart of the Milan faithful.

His performance won him so many group and individual titles. He won all awards there is to win as a footballer while playing the game right. He is among the few players in the world to have ever won the champions league, world cup, and the Balon d'Or.

After six productive years at Ac Milan, he was bought by Real Madrid. That was the beginning of the end of his career. The four years used at the club were disrupted by injuries. He didn't enjoy his football due to this and he has to move back to Ac Milan after the fourth year.

He didn't quite hit top form as expected but he still did his best to make a telling contribution to the team. He spent one season over there before he was moved to Orlando City in New York, the United States to ply his trade. He played at the team for three years before hanging his boot.

One noticeable feature of how KAKA plays is that he is a type of footballer who puts God first. He doesn't fight or shout or lie on the pitch. Sincerity was his watchword and he was loved for that by everyone even opponents. He didn't let the love for the game take him away from God.

I could remember when he was in Real Madrid and a match against Barcelona was played. The match was filled with so much violence and fight at one point of the match. Kaka being someone of a gentle nature didn't move close to where the brawl was happening. He stood far away. That shows how much of a saint he is. He was never the kind of player to cheat by faking a fall to get a penalty for his team. he plays the dirty game in a very clean and open manner.

His behavior could be attributed to his formative years as a devoted Anglican Christian. He was just 12 when he becomes more engrossed with religion. He always pays part of his salary to the church as he believes that God saved him from a career training injury while he was 18. Kaka was a selfless man. Outside football, he always strives to make everyone's life better. He engages in numerous humanitarian work.

His selfless act saw him became the youngest United Nations action against hunger ambassador in 2004. To this date, he still retains his ambassadorship appointment. His love of God drives his actions as he revealed that his best and favorite book is the Holy Bible. For every goals scored during his career, he points to God in heaven as a form of celebration and thanks. He later became an evangelical pastor after football.