Technological advancement has impacted all areas of life. Not one industry has been left out from its claws. More industry has been created through technological advancement and of those has led to the creation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The fun fact of it all is that all industries/sectors of the economy have been trying to connect with the blockchain and cryptocurrency at large.

The sports industry also has a huge interest in the crypto world and blockchain at large. This has led to the birth of fans tokens which have given users more power to influence decisions made by the team in a given sport. Not forgetting that bettors can now place bets on their favorite sports using cryptocurrency as sport betting platforms now provides the medium for doing so.

Sports has been a safe haven for so many people. Regardless of the mood, sports have a way of brightening it. For so many people, different sports tickle their fancy and the dynamic of each sport makes it even more enjoyable.

For so many years, technological advancement has continually had a strong effect on each sport. I can't speak for all sports but for football, it has eaten deep. Right from the apparatus used by the players to the officiating of the game.

Technological development in the game of football cut across all aspects; from the players to the coaches, referees and even the fans. The development sometimes might be minute and almost unnoticeable, while some are easily noticeable.

From the football players' aspect, technology has a direct impact on them. Starting with their Jersey, to their boots and even the ball they kick. The improvement on the ball kicked on the pitch is minute and almost unnoticed. Well, a ball with a perfect 360 circumference now exists.

Even the football pitch they play on has been impacted technologically. From the machines used to cut the grass on the pitch to the invention of the artificial pitch. Gone are the days where footballers wear heavy clothes to play the game.

Football managers on the other hand have felt the effect of technology in a different way. Much better analysis could be made before and after a match is played. Gone are the days where coaches have to watch live football matches of rival teams from start to finish. This day, coaches use video clips to come up with tactics to be used against an opponent.

Although Scouting of footballers is still a thing, the coaches still watch clips of the scouted players to decide either to accept or reject the players. This shows how technological advancement has affected the recruitment process.

For the fans and football lovers, technology has made it easy to watch our favorite team play in the comfort of our homes. It's no longer a do or die affair not watch a match from the stadium, it can be watched on the screen of the Tv set. Technology has also made it easy not to miss any football action regardless of how busy you might be. You can always watch a match anytime you are less busy.

Also, gone are the days where your favorite footballers seem inaccessible but with the advancement of technology, you can easily keep up with them. Social media channels such as Twitter as allowed fans and footballers to connect more. Before this age, footballers sometimes get to be interviewed once in six months as it's hard to easily track them unlike now.

Where technology has hit harder is in the aspect of officiating a football match. VAR is the latest and the most controversial at the moment. It's has shaped how the refereeing of matches is been conducted. Football referees also have tasted the effect of technological advancement through the introduction of Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR).

But before the interception of VAR, Goal-line technology has been invented. The invention came after an incident in the Euros football tournament. The goal-line technology has made it easier for referees to know if a ball crosses the goal line. This invention worked perfectly well by signaling to a referee that a ball has crossed the goal line. This invention alone called for the integration of more technological assistants in the game of football.

The VAR and Goal-line technology are two highly noticeable technology in the game of football but they are others. The use of earpieces and earphones by referees to communicate with one another is not a technology most hold in high regard but it makes the game easier to officiate.

A lot of people might have reservations about the impact of technology on sports but when critically examined, it has positively impacted all areas of the game. Although everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion on how the game should be played but denying that technology has eased the playing and officiating is simply a no-no for me.

Football to me has been one sport to have integrated technology the most but other sports fans might disagree. Well, I won't argue because I watch less of other sports aside from boxing and UFC.