Football remains the number of sports in the world but the English people's adoption of the game makes it even more beautiful. Although the game has no one single origin in which it could be traced to but one can easily feel it was invented by the English people. You could be wrong or right, but I have no idea where it originated from.

The reason, why most people believe football originated in England, is because of the drive and their passion for the game. They are so committed to the game and the love is unrivaled by another sport. Although they engage in other sports on a large scale too but football stands alone in the front of the pack.

This reflects how the game is been played and cheered on. Starting with the amount of football division in England, it's so much that one needs a proper recording not to mix things up. The truth is the people don't care, they just want to either watch or play but most importantly, enjoy their football.

With the premiership being the apex league in England, other divisions exist also and they are packed with

quality and intense competition. The other leagues by name and rank/level are mentioned according;

* Championship

* League one

* League two

* National league

* National League North and National League South

* Regional league

* Northern Premier League and Southern Football League

* sub-regional league.

With the premier league being level one, the other listed are from level 2 to level 9. Although other levels exist, but they cover smaller geographic areas. This shows that there is more to football than just the premiership we are all well-accustomed to.

Let's talk about the fans, their joy to seeing their favorite team side win is incomparable with any other thing. The English league is mostly affected by fan bans on the pitch due to Covid 19 because each team believes that they are their thirteenth men and they are right to feel so.

Countless times fans cheer their team to victory. It's surprising the length fans will go to see their team win a football match. the distractions created to confuse the player of an opposing team to steer a clear pathway of victory for theirs is mindblowing.

It's almost as if the culture of the English people revolves around football. It's so easy to make friends being a football lover. Although seldomly, disagreements and, fights might occur in the stadium. But that's where it ends too, as it never leaves the pitch/stadium. Football stands as a topic everyone could connect with regardless of your gender or race.

The dedication of the English league to football makes it harder to go on breaks as they are always football matches to be played and enjoyed. Other leagues around the world might rest or closes their league during the Xmas and new year period. Team's in the English leagues plays during this period. Football matches are been played on celebrations days such as Xmas, New year celebration, easter, thanksgiving, Halloween and anyone you could think of.

The lots of contest in the league is one you can't stand to miss. Cup competitions such as FA Cup and Carabao provides as much entertainment as it provides quality. The community shield is also a traditional contest to be enjoyed. More might come up but what I am sure of is that none is going to be removed.

Even the games associated with the league are a breakthrough. Ever heard of the FPL app?. Well, it's a game based on the virtual representation of the premier league. The performance of the players are been used to calculate the numbers to be attributed to them every week. The love of the game births this innovation. Now you have two things to worry about, you worry about the English league and the players you selected in your FPL. To be sincere it's more headache which is welcome by every participant of the FPL.

The coverage of each game is unrivaled by any league in the world, not even the champions league. The attention to details surrounding the analysis of any match is top-notch. So many programs are been sprung up just to talk about sports and discuss the numerous matches played. From live shows to fan zones to Fantasy premier league talk show makes it outstanding. Match Analysis before and after each game is well-publicized and that's why it will continue being the best.

Now, the most important discussion of the post is on the premiership. While the league is best by a very wide margin, it comes lots of competition within the league. The premier league is so competitive that players wear out due to the high demand. But what is shocking is that each player still wants to play in the league, week in week out as they don't mind wearing out.

This out together makes it more exciting to be part of football. The regulations from the FA and the constant desire to improve the league is a plus to football. It makes more enjoyable to watch and it's a blessing to everyone who loves the sports.

What do you think about this too?