Chelsea lost again yesterday and this time, it was to Newcastle, it might come as a shock to many but the writings were on the wall, we only choose to ignore it. For so long Chelsea have been playing with just a pattern i.e one style of play and this is making the team very predictable. The high pressing game that Lampard has instilled in the team DNA so far as been great but the inability of the team to switch to another pattern of play when the game is not going as planned has been a major set back in the blues campaign this season.

Also, the Chelsea defence is far from being a good one. Injuries and inconsistency have blighted Chelsea chances of being a highly competitive team and the defence department as made the task even harder.

Silly mistakes and error have resulted in Chelsea dropping points in matches they could have easily closed out and walk away with three maximum points. Even Kepa has been below par this season and he has the worst save percentage of any goalkeeper in the league. He has saved just a total of 51 % shots faced and that's not a good record by any standards.

The way out

lampard might not feel the need to buy a new player this transfer but this team absolutely needs two or three good signings to improve the team and some players should be sold from the team. The likes of Pedro and Alonso shouldn't been in the team any longer and they should be allowed to leave. Those two players have not been able to really produced what the team needs as of now and they seem to be way past their primes.

Two top defenders should be bought and the likes of Zouma and tomori could learn from them. So far the defence lacks the

Leadership and it is telling on them as no one is there to bark orders and remind them of their jobs on the pitch. A top goalie will be needed also so as to provide competition and also to spice things up at the goalkeeping department.

A midfielder who can score goals is highly needed. Chelsea are well stocked in the wings and striker position but they lack a midfielder who could score just as Lampard scores during his playing days. Loftuscheek could have handled that position well but his injury setbacks has been something of an obstacle toward him having that position to himself.

What to expect next from Chelsea

Chelsea will definitely get better with time, so for now, let's enjoy the confusion and mistakes and also the team we have presently pending when they turn up and give us their best football.