Wednesday came with some footballing twist as match results didn't turn out as expected. Two cup matches ended with an unimaginable scoreline and it further helps strengthen the fact that football is changing and underdogs are just a thing of the past.

The first shocking result saw Barcelona lost in the semi-final to Sevilla. We know Sevilla are very good sides too but not to be compared to his great and mighty this Barca's sides are.

The fact that Barca had to strive hard to make it to this round is a source of hope. Barca had to fight tooth and nail to make sure that that they overcame Levante in the last round. They had to come from a 2 nil position to win the 5-3 in the extra period of the match.

There was no going back from the one as Sevilla has the edge this time around. Barca could still make amends by winning the second leg at their stadium. Although Barca deserved to have lost the match but much of the blame lies on the shoulder of the coach who continues to find it hard to find a consistent winning formula.

In a match where the trio of Messi, Griezman, and Dembele started the match, they still could not find a way past the Sevilla defense. that shows the incompetence of the coach on that end. Although he is a good coach but he still needs to do more work to harness the full ability of the players at his disposal.

Messi can't do it all and although Griezeman has been the shining light and revelation for the Barcelona team this season, the third man (Dembele) needs to step up or risks losing his starting berth at the club. He has not delivered on the huge amount of money used to lure him to the club.

Sevilla was well stocked too as they had a combination of both real Madrid and Barcelona players and staff in their ranks. The head coach was ex-Real Madrid coach and that is in the person of Julen Lopetegui and players such as Ivan Rakitic, Alex Vidal, and Munir El Haddadi were all ex Barca players. Some left on a good term and while some didn't, so it was more of a match they will take personally.

For now, we look forward to the second leg of the competition and see if Barcelona will be able to overturn the defeat. At the moment, this cup tournament offers the only realistic Trophy which they have a shot at. The other competitions require more than what this present Barcelona side is offering.

**Another shocking result was observed at Goodison park as nine-goals was scored in 120 minutes of the football match.** It is not everyday football fans get to be served a match with an emphatic scoreline. Everton's five goals triumph over the four Tottenham goals scored. Over 90 minutes, a total of 8 goals was scored.

The goal which won the match was scored by Bernad in the 97th minute but the provider of the goal was the man of the match for me. The provider was G. Sigurdsson and the assist he made in the 97th minute brought his tally to three assists in just one match.

G. Sigurdsson Was involved in all but one of the five goals scored by his team in the cup competition. His first contribution was laying down an assist for the high flying striker DCL to open the scoring for his side. The goal came in the 36th minute but the first goal of the game was scored by D Sanchez for Tottenham in the 3rd minute of the goal. The provider was Son and run of form was greatly benefitted his sides.

DCL goal made it 1-1 and Everton went ahead to add two goals in the first half to make the game 3-1. The second goal for the Everton side came in 38 minutes through a fine strike by Richarlison. The goal source came from an unlikely provider in the person of D. Calvert-Lewin. The third goal for Everton came in the 43rd minute through a penalty goal scored by G. Sigurdsson.

Tottenham got a goal back right before the half time mark as a fine strike from Erik Lamela made the game 3-2 in the first half. The second half started with the Spurs being on the front foot as D. Sanchez scored in the 57th minute to keep the game level at 3-3. Richarlison made the game 4-3 in favor of Everton and the regular suspect G. Sigurdsson was the brain behind the goal.

Tottenham drew level with just 7 minutes left on the clock. The regular and consistent strike partner Son and Kane combined once more to draw Spurs level. That made the game end at 4-4 at a normal time before the Toffees won the match at extra time. This indeed marks great improvement progress for an Everton side that has been underperforming in recent weeks.

The loss will get to Mourinho who is looking to win any silverware for a Tottenham side who are still in search of the first title in years. The loss marks another missed shot of silverware. Although Tottenham still Has a final to play against Manchester City in the Carabao cup and spurs can make history by triumphing.

Till then I wish all readers a lovely day ahead