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I have never been a group where football matters are been discussed daily with so much energy and high intensity. The way people tackles each other on matter relating to sports in this group is a sight you possibly can't observe anywhere else. So many banters flying around and it is available for everyone.

Whats makes the group even more interesting is the diversity of people who are in group but each are all bounded with just a common game of football. The group was created to foster love and encourage Nigerians to user scorum for their sport blogging activities but it has grown more than the intended purpose.

This group houses some of the finest writers on sports related issues and people with rich vien of football knowledge yet the banters thrown around are unending. This is whats makes the group lively and always busy. If the group was to own its own websites and all matters were been discussed on the websites, probably the people websites owners will be a millionaire by now due to the high traffic that will drawn on it.

Some high profile personality in the group that I could remember as of the time of writing are @tosyne2much @zoneboy @afolwalex @oxygen @austino @idunique @chimzysports, this people are basically the life of the party.

Surprisingly, they are still some few slots remaining in the group and also, it's a whatsapp group. If you would like to join, click here.

What are the things to expect from scorum Nigeria whatsapp group:

  • A lot of banters
  • midget is always been used in place of messi
  • everyday arguements on who the best player is between Messi and Ronaldo
  • you will possibly find a football fan of all top clubs
  • Never to be board
  • Enrich your sports knowledge while having fun
  • Betting tips
  • crypto news and general information.

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