The latest club that has more money than it could spend is Newcastle and the number of funds the new owners bring dwarfs all the money of all top club owners before now. This has opened the debate on whether Newcastle can be another Manchester City or another Queens Park Rangers in England.

The team value has multiplied by a thousand folds and would surely make them a team to fear and with the caliber of players in the team rank now, a whole summer revamp could be on the cards. January offers the new investors an opportunity to flex their muscles in the transfer market. One of the surest things to expect is that the coach at the helm of the coach will go for sure.

Most believe it will take Newcastle three years to get to the current level where Manchester City is due to the size of funds in their portfolio. Many believe that they could end up buying 6-8 players alone in this forthcoming January transfer and that will, in turn, trigger the sales of many of their players for an amount far below their valuation.

One common trait that is observable in all clubs that has just been newly acquired is some of the things mentioned above. The sacking of the coach in charge is one common trait and buying players who they don’t know if they fit into the club’s philosophies in the first place. Trying their best to win a title with the funds they have gotten and that handily improve the team or make the new owners achieve their aim.

But the right way to go about it might not take them as much time either and it will also involve fewer funds that would have been spent if they go about the wrong way. In my own opinion, the right way will be getting a manager who could develop a team and, in the process, winning titles. The coaches who could achieve this aren’t much, but they have the funds to get one and full the rebuilding process.

The next item on what I will do is to buy players who fit into the coach's philosophies. Gone is the era where big players are just been bought due to their name. many are focusing on what the big named players are bringing to the team and what they have got to offer. All teams buy players that fit into the coaching style of play of late and I won't change that act. Don’t just sign a player because he is a big player.

Working on creating an identity and getting players to who fits the bill seamlessly. Take an instant with Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea at the moment. Those teams are trying to create an identity and it's due to the influence of the head coach in charge. So much of Newcastle's headache is centered around getting the best coach in the football business and giving him the absolute support and control in making transfer decisions. Relax and watch how the team grows in two years’ time.