The Supercup goes down today and I am willing to place my bet on Chelsea winning but the triumph won't come easy as their opponents have proven to be a formidable team. Although the route which Chelsea took to get to where they are at the moment was quite harder than that of their opponent but that doesn't give them an edge as they face each other tonight.

Villareal winning the Europa trophy came at a shock to many but it was well deserved due to how spirited they were. Their win against Manchester United was surprising and they stole the title from under the red devil's nose. Many blamed it on bad luck for the manchester side but they failed to recognise that the coach at the realm is winning his third Europa league and that's a mark of quality.

While this is the third super cup he will be playing, Emery (Villareal Coach) have not won for once but he will fancy his chances against a Chelsea side who hasn't added a new face to their squad. Chelsea might be the last season champions league winners but they are wary of a Villareal side that beat two premiership teams on their to the Europa glory.

Chelsea also could brag about that right also as Chelsea had to discard both Madrid clubs from the Champions League before finally getting past the best team on the planet as of that moment. Chelsea win came as a shocker to many because they just lost a final before heading into the new one which was the champions league.

From a tactical view, Villareal stands more chances of winning this title as they have done more in the transfer window and also, their players have had more preparatory time heading in the match. Chelsea won't be showing up with any new face and their players might likely not play as a team as they have been away for too long due to their international commitments.

Well, no such analysis is to be done on this match as either team are yet to play a competitive game since last season and pre-season matches are useless when it comes to predicting the outcome of matches of this calibre. Although Villareal has the upper hands here in all senses but Chelsea quality players could do be the difference as the match begins.

in other news, Chelsea new signing Lukaku will not be playing in the super cup as Chelsea re yet to register him as a player of theirs. with that being said, Chelsea will likely win the match by 2 goals to zero. I will like to hear your view on who is likely to win the match as the shadow is a few hours away from now.