Tamara Pletnyova, Russian MP from Communist Party, urged Russian women not to have sex with foreigners during the World Cup. Pletnyova, who is head of parliament’s committee for families, women and children, said that Russian women were "not to repeat mistakes from 1980 Moscow Olympics" in an interview to Govorit Moskva radio:

"Children [from mixed couples] suffer a lot afterwards. They have been suffering during the times of USSR. If they are born to same race parents they are lucky, but if parents are of different race, then the kids suffer even more. We are to give birth to our own children. I am not nationalist, but nevertheless. I know children suffer. They are abandoned afterwards. And they stay here with their mothers.

Such women come to me and say that the child was taken away from them and so on. What can I say? Hopefully there will be no such girls now", Pletnyova said as reported by vesti.ru.

Pletnyova responded to a question about the so-called “Children of the Olympics” after the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, a time when contraception was not widely available in the country. The term was used during the Soviet era to describe non-white children conceived during international events after relationships between Soviet women and men from other continents. Many of such children indeed faced discrimination in the country.