As a Liverpool fan, I put off writing this post for about three days because it was so painful but now I think I have the composure to put it out. I have no doubt whatsoever that Liverpool will win the League this season, and not just win but do so with a wide margin but what was most important to me and I'm sure many Liverpool fans was breaking Arsenal's unbeaten record.

Since the 2004 season when Arsenal went unbeaten, Manchester City has become a top club in England, Chelsea has gone on to win the Champions League, Liverpool has overcome a trophy drought to win a double in a year, and even Leicester City have won the English Premier League. But an Arsenal fans sole bragging right has been that no other team in English Premier League history has gone unbeaten like them. Every Liverpool fan around the world I'm sure would have loved for Liverpool to finally knock Arsenal off their perch and take away the only bragging right they had, but it was not to be.


Like the popular quotes goes, "If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride them". I mean if we got all we wished for, Liverpool would have ended their EPL trophy drought last year (but no I had to wait one extra year to see it happen), and I would be a billionaire youth but no I'm still just a university student who is clueless. But all in all, it was good while it lasted and it made every Liverpool feel on top of the world. And though getting an unbeaten season and becoming Invincibles had eluded is, I am damn well sure that we will not let the Premier League title elude us this season. I can't wait to celebrate the EPL title at the end of the season, but for now I am in pains.