Liverpool had a stellar last season, and even though they left the Champions League earlier than many would have expected, they will be forgiven for that with their winning the Premier League finally after all these years.

But old things are passed away, and a new season is almost upon us. The question that now begs is, What do we expect from the reigning Champions this season. Will they be like a Manchester City who dazzled to disappoint last season? They are the reigning Champions so they have a marker on their head, and everyone wants to beat them.

Personally for me I expect Liverpool to have a good season again. Can't say if they will win the League, but I am sure they will make top 3 again. It's also an added advantage that they retained their squad that won them the League and Champions League. And only just a few players left, most of whom were not in the starting 11.

It's not been a very busy transfer market for Liverpool unlike some blue devils who seem to want to sign all the players in the world. But I expect the Anfield giants to have a pretty good season anyways.