But obviously in this article I am referring to the extreme cases of fanaticism, there are also many people of good culture and good people who would never fit in the definition I make throughout this article. A good example of a fan of good heart and good culture is @cryptokitty77, there I linked an article that I liked a lot.

If you  lived in Ecuador, you would not be surprised if the local newspapers are full of sensationalist news, models and articles about swollen people who are attacked by an absurd competitiveness. I want to put you in enough context so that you understand the reason for this article. Ecuador has several local teams that represent a group of people as in any country, the top exponents are Barcelona Sporting Club and Club Sport emelec, these 2 usually are always in the lead in terms of performance on the court, well I do not have No problem with the equipment, but a big one with its fans.

I do not understand how there are people who take football to heart, I've never been good at dealing with stupid people, sickly fanatical about things like football or religion.

Here you can see the table of positions of the Ecuador internal tournament, in which the 2 teams are in the top 5.

We use scorum statistics to see it!

  • My problem really is with the rivalry that the fans of these teams have, it is not close to a healthy rivalry, usually the average people that are part of the % of the fans that are violent and very stupid in my opinion, are people of low resources or lower middle class, with pretentions and a very poor education and culture. 
  •  normally in our country is called "classic shipyard", the friendly match between these 2 teams, it is even a painful tradition that fans begin to insult without penalty before the start of the game. Although the entrance is removed all kinds of weapons and / or objects that can be used to violate, inside the stadium it is said that the same sellers of water and food, they carry these types of objects and even drugs.

It is even normal that stones are thrown, I will leave you sources of local media to see the disgusting amount of times someone has died because of these confrontations. It disgusts me to read that someone in the heart of the city had been brutally beaten just for having the rival team's shirt, reading about stabbing people for coming out to defend their team, thieves, and even throwing a dog from the top of the stadium. They like to destroy the stadiums of the rivals, paint the walls with insulting drawings, etc.

Is that my country really embarrassed me as a culture, you can not even enter a facebook group related to one of these fans, because ignorance and insults are the most prevalent. I hope you have google translate so that you can read the articles. The truth I wanted to continue writing but it gives me even courage, I hope that in your countries do not happen such actions among people.

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and there are many more articles, sincerely it is a problem that I abhor in my country.

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