Sports Football Takraw was first played in the 15th century Malay sultanate which at that time was known as football.

This sport is a foot sport that uses a ball made of rattan,

Football Takraw Derived from two words "SEPAK" (Malaysia) meaning kicking and "TAKRAW" (Thai) meaning Baluku Balls, the selection of names for this game is an agreement of two pioneer countries namely Malaysia and Thailand.

Sepak Takraw first began to be played and developed by the Malay community,

In 1866 the Malaysian Sports Association began perfecting the rules of the sport game Sepak Takraw. since then the development of Sports Football Takraw is experiencing a very rapid growth and spread to various countries of Southeast Asia.

In my country, Indonesia. Sepak Takraw began to grow around 1970, the entry of Takraw sport to Indonesia preceded by visits Malaysia and Singapore, which then introduced the game Foot Takraw, actually in Indonesia already know this sport but not yet a sport just to be limited. . For traditional games it is a relatively fast development of Takraw especially in the areas of South Sulawesi, Riau, North Sumatra and West Sumatra.

Then in 1971 began to form the official parent organization Football Takraw named PERSERASI consisting of 4 members namely Pengda North Sumatra, Pengda Sumatra, Pengda Riau, and Pengda South Sulawesi. which was then in 1980 held Kejakas Sepak Takraw first with participants as many as 14 teams.