Sunderland vs Sheffield Wednesday

2.25 x / 3.45x / 3.10x


Last games in 2 years:

Sunderland 1-3 Sheffield Wednesday

                  2 April 2018

Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Sunderland

                 16 August 2017 


Sunderland last games: Win-Win-Draw  

Sheffield Wednesday last games: Draw-Lose-Lose  


I think Sunderland will win this game because they have at the moment a very good form.

They have won last 2 games, and this is very motivating to go to the next game with 2 wins behind.

But on the other hand, Sheffield Wednesday will have a small advantage, because they´re playing in their home station.

In the all, if I have to bet my money, I will bet this on Sunderland.