Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello football lovers, how are you all? I hope you are all well by the grace of the Creator, I am also very well by your prayers and the night of the Creator.

Dear friends, welcome to my new post about football, today I will share with you some of my memories of football itself.


I have loved playing football since I was a child, because my father was a footballer, my father used to play football as a goalkeeper, I always heard a story in my father's mouth, I heard this story from my father's mouth many times.

My dad once went to play in Sirajganj town from our Kazipur upazila. There was a game between Sirajganj Sadar upazila and Kazipur upazila. When the football match started, my father came on the field as goalkeeper. No, he can't catch the ball.

After much debate, my father came on the field as a goalkeeper, that day my father scored some incredible goals, which were certain goals, my father did not allow those goals to happen very efficiently, Kazipur Upazila won the match 1-0 My dad started dancing with his head up, in that match my dad got the award for the best match.

This story is still told by my father, I still hear this story from my father when I go home. Listen to the story.

We still have Dad's Man of the Match award in our house. It has been left with great care. My father is a very good man, I love my father very much, my father is sick now, can't walk, everyone will pray for my father. My father was a government primary school teacher.

Thanks everyone for reading my post today.