Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello football lovers, how are you all? I hope you are all very well, I am also very well with your prayers and the grace of the Creator.

All the people are moving forward in tandem with the world, not even the girls, that is why the poet says, "Whatever is beautiful in the world, half of it is made by women, half by men." Women are not lagging behind in world football.


There must be a referee in every match to manage a football game, there are currently many female referees as well as men. In 2021, 16 female referees were nominated for Best Female Referee. Out of these 16, Iranian referee gelareh nazemi was selected as the best female referee in the world.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has selected gelareh nazemi as the best female referee in the world. This federation nominates the best referees and the best footballers in the world every year.

Gelareh nazemi was born in 1983. He was a footballer before he became a referee. At the age of 17 he enrolled in a referee training course with the help of his brother.

He refereed the Southeast Asian Games in 2001, becoming his first international referee, and has since served as a professional referee in Iran.

Gelareh nazemi also officiated the final match of the 2019 Thai Men's Club World Cup. She is the only woman to be the first woman to officiate as an Iranian referee at the Men's World Cup.

She was asked why she was a referee, to which she replied, "Many people think that women are not good judges. I am a referee to disprove this, and I have shown that women can also judge correctly."

Thanks everyone for reading my post about football today.