Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello football lovers, how are you all? I hope you are all very well, I am also very well with your prayers and the grace of the Creator.

Our Bangladesh is lagging far behind in football, but our neighboring country India is making a lot of progress in football. The Indian Football Federation has taken various steps to improve their country's football, one of which is organizing various tournaments in India.


One of the biggest tournaments in India is the "Indian Super League" (ISL). To make this tournament more interesting, different teams try to get the biggest footballers in the world in their teams.

We all know Paul Pogba, Paul Pogba is a French footballer, he plays for Manchester United and is a reliable footballer for the French national team. Paul Pogba's elder brother Florentin Pogba is currently playing in the Indian Super League (ISL). One of the teams in the Indian Super (ISL) is Mohun Bagan.

Mohun Bagan has signed a two-year deal with Florentine Pogba. Florentine Pogba joined Indian giants Mohun Bagan directly from FC Sochax-Montbaliard, the second tier club in the French league.

Paul Pogba's older brother Florentin Pogba is 31 years old and currently plays for the Guinea team, having previously played for the France U-20 national team.

India has taken many more steps to take football forward, which has led to a lot of improvement in Indian football, thanks to which India has improved a lot in the current FIFA rankings, they are currently ranked 104th in the FIFA rankings. The Indian football team has played well in the recent Asian Cup qualifiers.

Thanks everyone for reading my post about football today.