Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

The whole world was watching the final of the Champions League, the match was held at to night 1 am Bangladesh time yesterday, Real Madrid and Liverpool gave a great gift, those who did not watch yesterday's match, they missed very much, those who watched enjoyed it very much.


Opportunity came again and again in Liverpool's offensive football. But Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois's great save failed in the face of all attempts. The English Premier League football club could not return to the match after scoring a goal after the break. Real Madrid became the European champions again with the goal created by the fate of Vinicius Jr.

Real Madrid beat Europe 1-0 to beat Liverpool in the Champions League final. Brazil star Vinicius scored the goal in the second half.

Real Madrid have already won a record title in this competition. They have won the title 13 times in the previous 16 times. Spanish club Real Madrid took that number to 14 in their 16th final.

The final match in Paris was delayed for some time. The match started after waiting for about 36 minutes. Liverpool dominated the entire first half of the game.

In the first half, Liverpool attacked Real Madrid 10 times with 52% of the ball in their possession. 5 of which were on target shots. But Liverpool has repeatedly failed to finish.

In this case, we have to thank Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, because Real Madrid has survived Liverpool's attack on several occasions.

Liverpool got a big chance in the 16th minute of the match. Mohammad Salah's shot from inside the box in the six yard box went towards the goal. But the goalkeeper Cortoya jumped to save Real Madrid.

Then comes another opportunity. This time again that obstacle is courtesy. The shot from Thiago Alcantara went into the hands of the Real goalkeeper. Salah panicked with a shot back in the next minute. But that too was thwarted by Cortoya's efforts.

Sadio means to attack for Liverpool in the 21st minute. That means taking shots from outside the D-box. But due to courtesy and luck, Real Madrid survived this journey.

Real Madrid was able to attack only once in the first half. But it did not succeed. That goal was canceled due to offside. Karim Benzema scored the goal in the 43rd minute of the match. The referee did not give offside immediately. The video assistant referee (VAR) then checked the time and declared it offside. So Dudal had to finish the first half without a goal.

Liverpool, who showed dominance throughout the first half, lost some rhythm after the break. Real Madrid took advantage of that opportunity. In the 59th minute, Federico Valvarde entered the opponent's D-box with the ball from the right side. He then passed to Vinicius Jr. on the left. The Brazilian star did not miss the opportunity. Vinnie sent the ball to the address with a post near the right foot shot. Real Madrid fans immediately joined the festival.

After getting the lead, Real Madrid played hard to defend themselves. In the meantime, Liverpool has to be disappointed by attacking several times. Despite attacking 24 times in the whole match, Liverpool could not give the ball in the net of Real. As a result, Jurgen Klopp's disciples had to leave the field in despair.

Earlier, Liverpool had the same disappointment in the 2016 final. Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in the final to win the title. This time too it happened. Carlo Ancelotti's side won the Europa League crown, leaving the Premier League team in despair.

Congratulations to Real Madrid, sympathy to Liverpool.