With goals from Toni Kroos and Karim Benzema, Real Madrid beat Rayo Vallecano 2-1 in the match for Day 13 of LaLiga Santander. Radamel Falcao discounted for the visit.

Real Madrid signed a new painful victory until the last gasp, when Tony Kroos avoided a draw at the finish line for Leo, who had never lost his face in the match, and everything was full of uncertainty. This provides an opportunity for the White Box. to correct their bad league dynamics. The Santiago Bernabéu does not like teams that in the end demand time. The response requested by the cold fans of the Bernabéu is sometimes heartless by the lack of courage from the stands under construction, and the misery discovered in the middle of the team. The victory whistle shows dissatisfaction with the way the game is played, not just a lack of outstanding performance. Real Madrid never backed down after scoring. The Shakhtar affair is not repeated for Lightning. He always wanted more, but felt helpless from the blur.

From the beginning, because Óscar Valentín's shot made him hit a point, he put his hands on his head at the end and regretted Álvaro's obvious opportunity. He is the victim of a defensive imbalance. In a game against Real Madrid, counterattacks are usually fatal. There was no Falcao at the beginning, but due to muscular discomfort, Leo lacked teeth to lead the score and put Real Madrid's reaction to the test. Álvaro forgives Madrid's first error on defense at 30 seconds, and Trejo kicked Mendy's dangerous pass into the hands of Courtois. Ancelotti's men like to run, but now, the figure of Eden Hazzard has not passed through here. The Belgian did not run at the speed of Vinicius, so he chose Marco Asensio who took his opportunity.

Vinicius was called offside when Asensio cleared the ball in the final yards. A back pass in the first half was made clear by Benzema. Another shot from Kroos that comes from the second row firing his shot at the lineup, initially aborted by the referee and issued by the VAR.

This time, there is no bounce or low mass. Real Madrid, feeling comfortable in the match with Kroos pulling the crossbar in control positions, found space to run and seek more important titles. Dimitrievsky dodged Marco Asensio's shots and Sam was denied by a Militao cross, and appreciated Benzema's lack of precision, as he was less accurate in the fall after a good pass from Carvajal.

The award found Alaba returning to his roots, and he joined the team to create an assist that increased Benzema's scoring streak. Taking advantage of the indecision between Katina and her goalkeeper, he scored at will. He scored two goals before the end of the first half, at a time when Real Madrid were running at the speed of Vinicius and the French player was on the rebound, and everything was to sign the referee.

This was not done by Real Madrid, who felt the pressure on any rival once they lowered their tone. The Ray never gives up, stumbles over inaccuracies when running. One to continue the video, as Vinicius leaves behind four opponents with speed and threats that keep players on their way before the opposing goalkeeper passes him but witnesses Valentin dodging the goal in his career.

And opportunities as obvious as the hand of Asensio, who hit the ball with Dmitrievsky, or the beautiful work between Vinicius, Mendy and Benzema, who slipped the shot impulsively, looking for his teammates, uncertain white moments, are overlooked. Once again, there was no reaction from the Ancelotti deck, with late and ineffective changes.

The boy's participation in the game provided the Ray with an uncomplicated dose of oxygen. That is the goal that Falcao is missing. The "Tigre" took 11 minutes to play fully thanks to Álvaro's pass, who appeared as a man-eater in the area behind Alaba after a shot from Pepe's post.

And the uncomfortable goal of Real Madrid, which finally called for time, collapsed, with the stands suffering, to get closer to another draw, which will be the third in a row on the pitch. Kroos, under the baton, avoided the entire decision of the match, until Oscar Valentin, who claimed a penalty from Camavinga, and Courtois deflected from Unai's shot leaving a bitter sensation for a second consecutive victory.