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CR7 as famously known is the recent most influential Player when it comes to the Champions league as he has 5 Champions league trophies in his cabinet and also the highest Goalscorer ever in the history of the Competition, this and many more were the reasons Juventus had to break the bank to buy in Cristiano Ronaldo maybe they might win the Champions league.

It's saddening seeing how Juventus are faring since the arrival of Ronaldo in the Scudetto Champions especially in the Champions league as they've been knocked out prematuredly by teams they should have counted as a sure Victory over since his arrival, whereas they've appeared a couple of times in the finals before his arrival at the Old Ladies.

They are out again despite winning 3-2 but away goal rule knocked them out against F.C. Porto as fans and club legends turnout to blame Club's superstar.

Fabio Capello blames Cris because him and other folks permitted Oliveira's freekick to pass the wall straight into the net. He Blasted that you can't be on the wall and be scared of the ball, kicking against their act of turning their backs against the ball as inexperienced, poor sportsmanship, unnecessary anxiety and an immature act, furthermore explaining that players to be on the wall should be chosen and fearlessness should be a priority while choosing.

Club's Legend Del Piero was pissed over Ronaldo not about the freekick this time but about the clear header he missed, he mentioned that few chances were created and there shouldn't be any room for miss not even a clear chance as the one he missed.

Reportedly, former club President sends in his peace of heart that Ronaldo has over stayed his welcome and should therefore be sold-off the Old Ladies.

It can only get worse from here as the main objective of having Cris is to win the Champions league and it's been shattered once again.