Thomas Tuchel appeared as a Saviour to the struggling Chelsea as the team remain unbeaten since his arrival at the Stamford bridge after eight premier league matches.

MOURINHO attained same feat at his arrival to the Bridge in the 2004/2005 premier league campaign though with little differences.

MOURINHO played 8 games, drew 2 and won 6... Same as Tuchel

During this games both sides scored 10goals.

The Differences are just that:

MOURINHO went ahead to win the league conceding only 15goals that season but this seem impossible as MOURINHO started the season but Tuchel just came midway.

Here's the major difference... MOURINHO during his time conceded just a goal in those 8 games while Tuchel conceded 2 goals but this is not a bad record for Tuchel as a draw or victory against United will mean breaking MOU's record.

Can this record be an advantage to Chelsea going into the contest this evening