Big match at 'Parc des Princes' in Paris yesterday night. Lots of emotions and lots of champions in the field. The game starts on Twitter with a teasing from the official PSG account that starts by saying good morning to Naples with the words "Buongiorno" and the photo of the much loved and desired former striker Edinson Cavani. The Naples responds to tone in French by attaching the photo of former transalpine technician Carlo Ancelotti.

Few were the supporters of Naples who believed that their team could come out with some points last night from Paris. However, Naples surprises everyone by taking to the field with personality. The first half sees a PSG visibly in difficulty in midfield where Naples dominates. Just like the old Milan of Ancelotti with Pirlo and Gattuso, the two of Naples Hamsik and Allan weave and forbid the game in an absolute symphony. Verratti as much effort he puts it is left at the mercy of the "azzurri" while Rabiot goes too many times in the attack.

In reality, the PSG does not even start so badly. The raids of Rabiot and Mbappè at the beginning of the game seem to presage a lot of attack by the French. However, the attacks are inconclusive and without danger for the door of Ospina, the Naples goalkeeper. The PSG brakes these attacks a little bit and loses a little the reins of the midfield when he is scared by the crossbar of Mertens. Shortly after Naples will take the lead with an amazing goal of Insigne.

Insigne at the beginning of the second half is replaced because injured. The Naples losing its leader loses a little control of the game, and the PSG starts to attack. Neymar tries several times but in addition to dribbling two or three men is always inconclusive, even if you notice an alien class every touch he does.

Little lucky Mario Rui who on a cross from Mounier deflects in his own door. And it is 1 to 1. The inertia of the match should be in the hands of the PSG now but Naples with continuous recoveries by two immense Allan and Koulibaly, which uproot the balls from the legs of Neymar and Mbappè many times, manages to hold on the defense and do not get crushed. Shortly thereafter on a shot by an excellent Fabian Ruiz, on the rejection of Marquinhos there is Mertens for the winning tap-in.


From that moment on, Naples controls the match without particular dangers. Until the 93rd when Neymar with his umpteenth raid is stopped, the detour ends in the feet of a hitherto extinguished and distracted Angel Di Maria who invented an unstoppable shot for Ospina that makes their fans explode with joy.

My final thoughts: There is little to complain about Naples. We played well dominating the midfield for most of the match, we missed a few opportunities in the first half that could bring us on 2 to 0 and set the match differently then. We defended well, Maksimovic who is a central defender has been deployed again from right back to have an extra defender and set the game from behind. He did his job excellently, as did Albiol. Koulibaly proved once again to be the best defender in the world. He won all the fights against Mbappè, Neymar or Cavani. Hamsik did a good job as a median, Allan was immense in the middle of the field. Fabian Ruiz did well, this new acquisition of Naples has technique and strength in the legs. Too bad to lose an Insigne inspired by the beginning of the second half. Mertens was dangerous and he also scored but maybe not on his most inspired day. Callejon played well giving a lot of help in defense. Good job everyone. Too bad to be tied to the 93rd but this is football and the fact that PSG can invent a super goal at any time of the match was budgeted. I hope that Naples on the return match play like today: with intelligence and trying to dominate the midfield. If we play openly trying to dominate the whole game in every part of the field they are insane on the counterattack, probably the best in the world and can be too much dangerous.

P.S.: I am not an English native and I am trying to write in English to improve my language level, so I hope you will be good for me if there is any grammatical error. If there is some mistake please let me know to help me to improve.


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