AC Milan is the former chief executive officer, marco fassone.

fassone said Ronaldo had already wanted to leave Real Madrid in 2017. The reason for the misplaced is because of the ransom. "Ronaldo was too expensive," he explained.

Ronaldo left Juventus for Real Madrid for nine years before the 2018-19 season. He has made a real move after the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018, when he was directly involved in the transfer, suggesting the possibility of separation after winning the UEFA Champions League.

Ronaldo, who has written a successful myth in the Premier League and Laliga, is said to have wanted to challenge a new stage. At the same time President Florentino Perez and the discontent had decided to make a transfer. Ronaldo said he was frustrated by President Perez' attitude change over France football last month.

Ronaldo's work on the underworld was revealed to have been taking place before that time. Fassone admitted that the club had met with Ronaldo's agent in 2017 in order to take the transfer. Former Milan captain Yonghong Li, who has been actively seeking for Ronaldo, has been called.

"I want to bring Ronaldo to Milan," Fassone told Italian media. "Ronaldo believes Ronaldo has great power in the Chinese market," he said.

Fassone claimed Ronaldo was also a transfer agent at the time. "We wanted to leave Real Madrid and we met with agent Jorge Mendes in July 2017 and we asked about the possibility and the price."

The problem was far more than the amount. fassone said, "After meeting, I persuaded him to give up his dream, and Ronaldo was too expensive."

A year later, Juventus took on Ronaldo for € 100 million. It was known as the club that offered the most amount of money. The € 100 million effect is great. The uniform has been selling well, proving its marketability and also positively affecting its performance. Ronaldo has been on the top of the table for the first time since he reported his first goal in the fourth round of the league.