Heroes do not disappear. There are players in the football world who are now retired, but once they are legendary, they are deeply in the hearts of people.

I try to illuminate the biography of heroes who are still active in the popular football game series, even after retirement.

The 2018 Russia World Cup ended in a great success. The winner of the World Cup, France's Kilian Mbappe, who scored four goals at the age of 19, was named the most shocking World Cup debut since Pele. So what about Pele's World Cup? Pele was the best player in World Cup history, not just making his best debut in the World Cup.

Pele, 9 years old, pledges to win the World Cup

Pele grew up under a father who was a football player. Pele 's father was not a professional player, and he helped his family with his side job. Pele's father wanted Pele to be a world-class soccer player and gave Pele his own know-how.

In the 1950 Brazil World Cup, when Pele was nine years old, Brazil lost to Uruguay with a 1-2 loss to the championship. The game, called the tragedy of Maracanang, has a great influence on Pele. Pele saw his father shed tears on this day and vowed to win Brazil in the World Cup.

Since then, he has teamed up with his friends to devote himself to football, and he joined a youth team in Santos, Brazil's football club. Pele, who had a dwarf physique, initially struggled with adaptation, but grew steadily under the guidance of Santos' coach Gibbits.

# 1958 Sweden World Cup, Pele legend begins

In 1957, Pele was 16 years old and made his Brazil national team debut in an A match with Argentina. Soon Pelle appeared in the 1958 Sweden World Cup, and 17-year-old Pele began to write legends in his first World Cup.

The Soviet Union, England, Austria, and Brazil, who are in the same group, have entered the quarter-finals of the quarter-finals. Pele has scored his first World Cup goal and a goal for Wales in the quarter-finals. Of course, it remains the youngest scorer ever in World Cup history. Pele then met France in the quarter-finals, leading a hat-trick to Brazil's 5-2 win.

The final match against Brazil was host country Sweden. Sweden went ahead with Rydaholm opening goal, but Pele immediately scored two goals and Brazil won the first World Cup trophy. Pele has scored six goals in the tournament, a record for the team's top scorer and second overall scorer (first place is Just Fontaine with 13 goals). Pele also finished the tournament with the Silver Cup of the World Cup.

At the next World Cup in 1962 Chile, Pele managed to score one goal and one game in his first game. However, he was immediately wounded in the second leg and was free throughout the tournament. Pele's gap was big, but Brazil lifted the second World Cup trophy after Garrincha led the attack.

# Pele's Nightmare, 1966 England World Cup

The 1966 England World Cup was the hardest time for Pele. Pele was preparing for the World Cup with his 47th goal of 1965 Santos. The Brazilian national team, however, was in a messy atmosphere, with coach changes at that time. Regardless of the situation in Brazil, the World Cup has started and Brazil has been in the same group as Portugal, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Pele led to a 2-0 victory over Bulgaria in the first leg, but was injured in the match and could not make it to the second leg. Brazil lost 3-1 to Hungary in the second leg and forced Pele out of the game against Portugal in the third leg. Pele was certainly not in a condition, and Brazil suffered a shock when defeated by Portugal Eusebio1-0 and dropped out of the group stage.

Pele was very resentful of the European players' wild play in this tournament. At that time, there was no substitution system, and if one player went out, ten players had to play. For this reason, superstars like Pele were often prey to the opponents. In the end, Pele declared his retirement from Brazil after the tournament.

Pele to become the 'Soccer Emperor' at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico

There were many fans who missed Pele all over the world. Over time, the 1970 World Cup in Mexico was near, and the FIFA team prepared for players protection by introducing player substitution and card system. Pele also changed his mind and returned to the Brazilian national team through the 1969 World Cup qualifier.

Since 1970 the Mexican World Cup. Pele, who soon became a veteran of nearly 30 years old, has now reached the World Cup as the team's spiritual leader. England, Czechoslovakia and Romania were in the same group as Brazil, who went on to qualify for the quarter-finals. Brazil beat Peru 4-2 in the quarter-finals, led by former Brazil coach Mário Zagallo

The Brazilian opponent was Uruguay. It was a meaningful game for Pele. It was because I had the opportunity to revenge myself with the tragedy of Manaca in childhood. Pele assisted Rivelino to lead Brazil to a 3-1 win.

Brazil saw Italy in the final. Italy, like Brazil at the time, was the team that won the trophy twice in the World Cup. Brazil, however, defeated Italy 4-1, thanks to a one-goal, two-

In the 1970 Mexico World Cup, Brazilian stadiums were great. Brazil was the only team in the World Cup history to have won the tournament from the group stage. Pele won the World Cup Golden Ball here and has certainly set himself up as a top player. The competition was also the first color-coded World Cup, which allowed people to experience Pele's brilliant play more directly.

After that, Pele slowly put together his career. Pele retired from the Brazilian national team in 1971, and then took off his uniform in San Carlos, who played for 18 years in 1974. Pele joined the New York Cosmos in 1975 to spread the football fever to the United States, and in 1977 he completely put down a football.

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