Hi My dear Friends in #scorum, have you ever think about that,

Why we enjoy watching #soccer ( Football in many Countries)?!

Why do we like Real Madrid or Barcelona or etc... ?!

In this post i will write my Reasons and explain it, After that i want to know whats your reasons ?!

Why you like this sport ?!

1- Its #Exciting !

i think the most important reason is Excitment, when someone is watching a great derby or a important match is happy and excitment with a great stress :)

Thats a reason why people like to watch it with friends or family and make lots of fun!

2- Its #fun !

There is Another Reason that people loves Soccer and because its #FUN!

when you watching Soccer you havent think about your problems or ...
90minutes of fun is the greatest prize for you!

3- Lots of money!

all of us know in Soccer people makes lots of money, there are many ways, like be a football player, or a job that related with football like a Sportswear tailor and many other jobs...

4- Its a great #target !

Soccer can be a great Target for your children to make a goal, and they will Try to reach it and be successful.

5- Its Great :)

after all i need to say with or without all of these reasons, Soccer is great anyway :))

Now whats your Reasons ?!

Please share it with our friends in #scorum ! :)