Football is recognized by the world community as a popular sport. This makes football sport a promising field of business in terms of revenue such as advertising, match tickets for jersey sales.

What happens if Blockchain technology is applied to the sports industry that is football? What impact will the Blockchain have on the Football? As is known Blockchain technology has been applied in many developed countries in the world to help their industries such as health, finance, property, marketing, and energy.

One of the English giants, Arsenal have made a deal in early 2018 to support and encourage the progress of CashBet Coin, a virtual currency company that will later work with Arsenal, whose virtual coins will be used for every bet in club home games from London.

Based on reports issued by the BBC, world-class players like Lionel Messi are claimed by the company at their promotional post to participate in the implementation of Blockchain in the football industry.

How Does Blockchain Benefit With The World Of Soccer?

As a technology that is claimed to be the technology of the future in the world, Blockchain has a decentralized property. So Blockchain is not just centered on a single computer but can be stored on thousands of computers and devices around the world, making it harder to hack and improve data security.

Blockchain support for the world of football also came from one of the football business experts, Michael Broughton.

"The use of Blockchain in football can have a positive impact on higher service and income revenues ".

Ticket sales

The benefits of Blockchain are very visible by making it easier for parties to the club to find out who buys tickets, and tickets are given to whom, verify who is present in the game. Everything to be recorded and stored in Blockchain and data can not be manipulated. Gambling

In addition to the issue of useful tickets, Blockchain can also be useful in the field of betting industry. As a result, the risk level of fake bets can be reduced. Because Blockchain provides real-time data like bet time and who makes a bet.

Medical treatment

Blockchain is also very good for maintaining relationships between clubs, players, and hospitals in handling player injuries because a player's medical history can be stored on the Blockchain system so that injury customers suffered by players at the club can be quickly treated like prescription drugs.

That's some of the hallmarks of Blockchain in the world of football, do you agree with that?

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