Source: Yahoo!

West Ham United has once again entered the top 4 in the EPL table after a month and a half full of subpar performances. After a hot start, the Hammers looked to be firmly stuck in the 6-8 range of the EPL table for the remainder of the season. After their third consecutive victory on Wednesday, and a loss by Arsenal, West Ham once again rose to claim a spot in the top 4. The move puts them in contention for a coveted Champions League spot.

West Ham dominated their match against Norwich City on Wednesday, finishing with a 2-0 win behind two goals by rookie Bowen. West Ham has another winnable match on Sunday against Leeds United, who they recently defeated in FA Cup play 2-0. After a match against Manchester United on 1/22, the Hammers play three consecutive matches against teams who are 10th in the standings or worse in Watford, Leicester City, and Newcastle.

As a West Ham fan, I continue to be shocked by their incredible play, but it's beginning to settle in. I'm not expecting a top 4 finish, but they feel right at home in the top 4 due to their high level of play. The match in a week and a half against Manchester United will show their true colors and if they do in fact belong in the top of the table.

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