Ruben loftus-cheek was considered one of the brightest player in the chelsea academy in the year 2014 and he has proved so. Although he played under previous managers Jose Mourinho and

Antonio Conte . Both managers did not make this bright player to realize his potential. These managers made him play in a defensive role,although loftus-cheek is an attacking player.

He is one of the youngest player from the academy who is consistent like John Terry.

On thursday, he was given the opportunity to play the europa match in which he scored a hat-trick,that was a classic performance from the young man.Likewise sunday he came from the bench

to replace Pedro and also scored the last goal of the match. His passes were good and threaten to the burnley defence and he nearly had an assist to his name if Alvaro Morata could have scored although his effort was denied by Joe Hart.

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