Manchester United keeper David de Gea has been on the news for weeks now since Manchester United started losing games due to some unpardonable mistakes which has dashed the hope of Manchester from booking their place in the top four of the English premier league and qualifies them for the UEFA Champions League next season. Everything looked rosy for Ola Solskjaer when he took over from sacked Jose Mourinho but it seems the problem that hurt Jose still abides in the camp. This time around its not Pogba and co but the player who has been United best player for two seasons and have made thousands of saves that every Manchester fans should be grateful of.

In a Manchester derby last week, de Gea make a crucial mistake after his side were 1-0 down when City broke into attack with Sane with all the space available decided to shoot straight to the keeper but the 28 years old who continued his lost form World Cup watched the ball slipped through his palms to the net. This costly mistake came from previous errors in Champions league game against Barcelona when Messi weak shot by passed the keeper grasp and the same thing played out against their game with Everton as they lost 4-0.

Last evening, Chelsea visited their rivals in a clash that will give Ola boys hope for top four and same points with their visitor on the log. It was a must win match for the Manchester club and they made no mistake in taking the lead when former Chelsea employee Juan Mata slotted in the ball early in the first half in a game United dominated all through the first half.

Chelsea wasn’t looking like a team that needed three points as they made little moves to score goal but they got their equalizer when defender Rudigar exploited the open space in from of the eighteen yard box to fire a 25 yards shot to looks very easy for any keeper to catch but the Spanish international palm the ball out to his fellow Spanish national Marcus Alonso who stuck the ball into the net after hitting the second bar with his left foot.

Following the series of errors, the United fans have taken to protest as their best keeper to leave the club following some wages saga with de Gea contracts. Even though some attributes it to his contracts talks, I believe most people will agree with me that de Gea has form issues before the start of the season as evident in the World Cup tournament as he committed blunders that sent Spain out of the competition as well.