The United State Women National team yesterday night collided with France Women team in ongoing Women's World Cup in France. Haven beaten Spain 2-1, the same score line France used in exiting their Brazilian Counterparts, both team who analyst ranked as the tournament favourite were up against each other on who books the semi final ticket. Its on record that yesterday game was historic in women football as both side clashed in a pressure tensed game. The French ladies were fully backed by the over 30,000 fans against 10, 000 tickets allocation to US. In overcoming France, The USWNT as the US teams is called knew they must overcome the French supports mentally. As the game was about to start, Parce des Princes didn’t disappoint as the stadium was filled up.

First half

The match started on a high pressing note and the first hello card of the game came very early as 4 minutes when Griedge Mbock had to bring down Alex Morgan who had broken away from Rapinoe toed ball from throwing as she ran toward the French keeper. The central referee wasted no time in issuing the yellow card. Rapinoe who later became the woman of the match stepped up to play the free kick right at the edge of the eighth yard box which was few yards from the corner kick. A porous defence set up by the French keeper unused that Rapinoes free kick passed by the wall effortless to the net after it skipped Amandine Henry’s leg to beat the keeper who’s vision was blocked by bodies.

This early goal was very crucial to ensue that the French supporters were silenced and it was so. The were many porous lapses by the US defence line that France didn’t utilize which later came to hurt them. The French coach had deplored the tournament tallest player in Renard who was a big threat to the US defenders in aerial ball. The US team had to work together in coming back to help the defence line as French ladies continue to detect proceeding. The defenders had to adsorbed most of the shot thrown as keeper Alyssa Naeher using their body as well as utilizing the offside position to keep France out till the end of the first half.

Second half

With the second half whistle blown, the French side came all out to search for an equaliser leaving their back opened but their hope were taken aback with another early second half goal. Its no other person that Rapinoe who scored America two goals against Spain and was at it again as she slot in low shot from a passed ball inside the eighteen yard box to make it 2-0. The goal came after France keeper Bouhaddi had make three wonderful saves: two with her both legs from Sam Mavis and Health, and later a scramble ball in the box with Rapinoe.

The second goal was a very big blow to France chances of progressing to the next stage against the defending champions. The home supporters moral were down as they were praying for miracle and it sure did come when Renard beat the defence in aerial ball to power in France goal. There were a lot of jubilation in the stadium by Renard hard and emotional celebration. The now have hope of getting back into the game at 81st minutes but all their threats were neutralized despite the French making a claim of hand ball to the referee. The game ended 2-1 at 90 minutes and l commend them for give the America the biggest fight of their life.

The US team has now booked the semi finals ticket once again since the starts of the Women’s World Cup and will now be preparing to face England team that eat Norway to progress as well. In an interview after the match US coach Ellis admitted that the game was the most intensive she has ever played.

I will be watching all the women matches and bring you post as its progresses.