Menu 2018 World Cup-Defensive Defender Remove Barcelona from His Account, Move Up Indication Up Tuesday, July 31, 2018 08:10 pm yerry-mina-1_20170615_160555.jpg TRIBUNNEWS.COM - Barcelona defender Yerry Mina erased Tim Catalonia's name from his personal Instagram account after rumors of the player's move. Yerry Mina just joined Barcelona in January 2018 after trafficked from Brazilian club, Palmeiras. With barefoot, Mina set her foot first in the grass of Camp Nou Stadium and was introduced as a new Barcelona player. But Mina's trip in Barcelona did not go smoothly because it only appeared 6 times in all competitions last season.

The first Colombian player in Barcelona was rumored to be leaving.Two European teams, Everton and Olympique Lyon, are reportedly interested in bringing Mina this summer. News Mina move more widely heard after he removed the name of Barcelona from bio Instagram. Bio was then changed to a Facebook name and explanation that he did not have a Twitter account.